Papaya Health Benefits

The “Fruit of Angels”, as it was called by Christopher Columbus, is not only delicious, it is loaded with various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. It is a powerhouse of health benefits that is available 12 months of the year.

Give you immune system a daily boost:

Papaya is an excellent source of Vitamin C. A single papaya contains more than double the daily requirement of Vitamin C. It is also rich in Vitamin A, and together these 2 vitamins will help you fight off the flu and other illnesses. It is important to get your dose of vitamin C on a daily basis as your body doesn’t produce or store vitamin C.


Even though papaya is a sweet tasting fruit, it has a low sugar content and is high in fibre making it an excellent option for diabetic.

Protect your vision:

Papaya is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin A which helps your vision from degenerating. These antioxidant vitamins may help against age-related macular degeneration.

Lowers cholesterol

Papaya is rich in fibre which has shown to lower cholesterol levels. Its high Vitamin C and antioxidant contents also prevent cholesterol build up in your arteries.

May help prevent cancer:

Papaya contains beta carotene, an antioxidant which plays an important role in the body’s fight against free radicals. Free radical damage has been linked to cancer.

Bone Health:

Papaya contains Vitamin K which is important in maintaining good bone health. It is also well known that Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen. Increased vitamin C levels create greater bone density.

Digestive health:

Papaya is the only fruit that contains an enzyme called papain. Papain is an enzyme which aids in digestion. Papaya is also high in fibre which helps improve digestive health. By eating a papaya daily, your gut will thank you!


The antioxidants and vitamins in papaya also prevent chronic inflammation.

Skin and Hair Health:

Because of its high vitamin A content, papaya is also known to increase skin and hair health.

Make papaya part of your daily diet:

Making papaya part of your daily diet is beneficial to your overall health. And because it is such a versatile fruit, you can use it as breakfast lunch or dinner. Or you can combine it with your favourite recipes… the choice is yours!

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