Papaya Versatility in the Kitchen

The beautiful and vibrant papaya not only adds a tropical vibe or taste to your meal, they are super healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. Including papaya in your menu or diet is a definite no-brainer!

Papaya is most often associated with salads or smoothies, but this is not the only place where it shines. The papaya is a versatile fruit that can be used in anything from breakfasts to hot or cold mains and desserts.

Neofresh recently celebrated the versatility of the papaya by hosting a Papaya recipe competition with 5 different categories: Breakfast, lunch, starter, mains and dessert. The goal was for home-cooks to experiment with the fruit and come up with clever, unique and delicious recipe ideas that heros the papaya. The results and amount of entries received were exciting. Some of these recipes can be found on the Neofresh recipe’s page.

Purely Papaya

The beauty of the papaya is that it can be eaten in its simplest form. By cutting the papaya in half and removing the seeds, you are left with a healthy and delicious snack. Adding a squeeze of lemon or lime will take it to another level!

Kickstart your day:

Breakfast is probably the meal of the day where papaya get most often featured, and it is quite understandable as fruit at breakfast goes hand-in-hand. Papaya combined with other fruit will create a healthy fruit salad. Another well known way to present papaya in a big way is the famous papaya boat. Papaya boats are a fun and beautiful way to make breakfast more exciting. With papaya boats you can let your imagination run free. Cut your papaya in half, remove the seeds, and use it as a natural bowl. What you add to it is up to you. A simple papaya boat would be a good helping of muesli and nuts, topped with yoghurt and a few slices of other fruit. This will most certainly kick-start your day in a healthy way. Papaya boats are not only easy and quick to prepare, there is the added bonus of less dishes!

Papaya Boat
Papaya Boat
Papaya Boat

Salsa’s, compotes and purees:

But moving away from salads and breakfasts, papaya can be utilised in many other ways such a delicious condiments to any meal. The options are endless with a variety of salsa’s, sauces, atchars, compotes and purees – all featuring papaya!

Papaya Seeds:

The black and shiny seeds of a papaya can also be used in various ways. These seeds, almost resembling pepper corns has a peppery taste. When dried, they can be used as a pepper substitute or seasoning. These seeds can also be used in a tasty and summery salad dressing with just a few ingredients. Have a look at the Papaya Seed Salad Dressing recipe.

Warm and Comforting food:

Papaya is favourite ingredient in many Asian dishes. They add a tropical taste and vibrant look to any stir-fry. But if you love curries, you definitely have to try papaya in your next curry dish. It adds a wonderful, almost tropical flavour to curries without it being overpowering. We recommend this winning recipe from the Neofresh recipe competition.

Chicken and Papaya Curry

For the sweet tooth:

Papaya is already sweet and delicious…No wonder it is such a terrific addition to desserts. It not only adds a tropical sweet taste, it has the ability to lift a dessert off the plate with its striking good looks – is this not what desserts are all about? There are many options when it comes to incorporating papaya into your desserts; anything from our winning papaya ice-cream recipe, to various sweet papaya jams, pavlovas, cakes, sorbets, papaya mousse, panna cotta and tarts. The options are endless!

Papaya Ice Cream

Go ahead and experiment with this remarkably versatile fruit. Be daring and adventurous in the kitchen, and please share your wonderful recipes with us.

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