Food Safety and Social Responsibility

Food Safety

Neofresh has the following accreditations:

Neofresh residue samples are analysed by a SANAS accredited laboratory Hearshaw & Kinnes in Cape Town. They monitor the presence of active ingredients and associated detection levels.

Social Responsibility

Neofresh runs The Neofresh Training Academy at Hectorspruit for the upliftment of its employees. It offers ABET which is an Adult Basic Education and Training course in reading and writing skills. This course is voluntary and is conducted during working hours. The academy also focuses on in-house induction and training, health and hygiene training and specialized courses to improve employees’ skills in the Neofresh workplace. Furthermore, it arranges AIDS counselling and basic clinic visits for all employees.

Neofresh is proud of the Mentorship Programs that have reaped inspirational rewards over the years. This consists of the identification of raw ability and the careful nurturing thereof through the gradual adding of responsibility. Some of our Farm Managers started as General Workers some years ago.

Neofresh runs an “Understudy Program” to give employees exposure to fields beyond their daily responsibilities. This has been instrumental in career growth and development.

Neofresh is part of SEDEX and SIZA.