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Neofresh (Pty) Ltd is an Agri-business based in the Mpumalanga Lowveld. We specialize in the production, packing and marketing of litchi and papaya.

We believe in South Africa and its people. We understand the important role that Agriculture plays in rural development and the positive impact it has on workers and their extended families. It is a challenge and responsibility we take very seriously and accept humbly.


Our business philosophy is based on:

  • Optimizing yield and quality through scientific production methods
  • Ensuring the long-term viability of the business through sustainable farming
  • Understanding our social responsibility in a diverse country with huge challenges in terms of poverty and inequality
  • Understanding the value of adhering to Internationally accepted standards such as Good Agricultural Practice
  • Understanding the importance of people in our business
  • Understanding that a properly funded Research and Development Department will give us the competitive edge regarding new exclusive varieties, post-harvest treatment methods and unique growing methods
  • Understanding that producing fruit in different areas will give us the advantage of stabilizing production and finding niche marketing windows
  • Understanding the value of investing and participating in the complete value chain

What difference is Neofresh making in the lives of South African consumers?

  • Through conventional breeding, Neofresh has developed exclusive papaya cultivars which are perfectly suited to South African conditions and taste. A great deal of emphasis has gone into the development of taste as opposed to only yield and external appearance.
  • By spreading our production units around different areas we are supplying papaya to South African consumers on a twelve-month basis.
  • By combining cultivar development and different production areas Neofresh is striving towards a five-month litchi season. This means that more and more South Africans will be able to enjoy this ultimate of subtropical fruit from October to March!

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