“wow” lines…
Neofresh wants to diversify and expand to manage risks associated with agriculture. The envisaged expansions will be done on rented land, preferably owned by recipients of Restituted Land as well as in Mozambique. The following expansions will address risks such as cost/income squeeze, higher labour cost, uncertain land tenure, an unpredictable exchange rate, weather, disease, lacklustre South African economy, higher interest rates and higher electrical costs, as well as create a sound spread of exposure to domestic markets and export markets.

The following strategic objectives have been identified for our future:

  • Expansion of papaya production to Mozambique
  • Establishment of a vegetable production unit in Mozambique
  • Replacing papaya orchards in South Africa with Macadamia, litchi, mango and lemons respectively. This project commenced in 2014 and will be completed in 2017.
  • Streamlining systems to ensure sustainability in the face of rising production cost
  • Establishment of a tissue culture nursery for papaya to minimize genetic variability and to enable us to multiply “wow” lines without the risk of segregation
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