Papaya and Blue Cheese Braaibroodjies

by. Dr. Hennie Fisher

These quirky sandwiches will no doubt raise a few eyebrows. South Africans do not associate a traditional heritage braaibroodjie with any other filling than onion, tomato, and cheese. Some people may consider a braaibroodjie with a blue cheese and papaya filling sacrilege. These were originally conceptualised as a dessert, given that few things that can be prepared on the braai is suitable as a dessert. As a dessert, these are great – they are not overly sweet, even though a little rich. This means that one only needs half or a quarter of a sandwich per person. However, exactly because they are not overly sweet, they work as well as an accompaniment to a braai.

The raisin bread is slightly different from the traditional white bread, while cutting the blue cheese with cream cheese ensures that the blue cheese does not overpower. Blue cheese and fruit work well together, and even though more traditional matches would be pear or apple, the papaya and blue cheese pairs in perfect harmony. Since the taste of cooked or warmed papaya may not appeal to all, it is important to spread the cheese mixture evenly over the bread slice, ensuring that the full surface of the bread slice is covered. This way, when the sandwiches are toasted on the braai, the heat does not penetrate right through to the papaya but still manages to melt the cheese.

Many different types of blue cheese are available in our stores. If you like a heavy, pungent Roquefort type, go ahead. For this recipe, a milder Italian Dolce de Latte creamy blue cheese or Danish blue cheese is recommended for its mild, softer flavour that excellently complements the papaya.

Ingredients for 4 full sandwiches (that may be enough for 8 people as a dessert):

660 g raisin bread (one needs two slices of raisin bread per sandwich, which could be enough for two or 3 people, depending on how many quarters you want to serve)
40 g of thinly sliced papaya per sandwich
230 g cream cheese
100 g dolce de latte or Danish blue cheese
15 g butter for each two slices of bread – softened


Beat together the cream cheese and blue cheese until well combined (it should be soft and spreadable, as raisin bread is often fairly soft). Allow 60 g for every two slices of bread.

Lightly butter one side of all the slices of bread. Turn these over, so that the buttered side is underneath. Now spread the correct amount of the blue cheese mixture on each slice, ensuring that the bread slice is fully covered from corner to corner. Lay a nice thick layer of sliced papaya over half of the sandwiches, and then turn the other slice over the papaya, so that the papaya is covered on both sides with the cheese spread. Toast these on low coals so that they do not brown too quickly. However, do not leave them too pale – one wants a good brown crust on your toasted sandwich. Cut in quarters and serve.