Neofresh has an exclusive take-off agreement with a Mozambican operation, Carthage Limitada. In terms of the agreement Neofresh supplies plant material and technical advice, and Carthage supplies papaya to Neofresh exclusively.

Carthage Limitada has established 150 ha of Papaya on their farm near, Moamba, Mozambique. They are planning to establish another 110 ha in 2019.

The conditions for the production of Papaya in Mozambique are better than in South Africa, because of:

  • Climate being more tropical,
  • Less soil-borne disease pressure because of the utilization of virgin soils, and
  • Better water availability.

Front- Denys Snyman(Farm manager), Ruben Munguambe(Production supervisor), Jacques De Villiers(General manager), Fulgencio Mendes(Compliance supervisor),

Back – Victor Cumbula(Harvesting supervisor), Gavin Mileham(Workshop manager)

Carthage Limitada has also established litchi, and has recently commenced with the production of ginger.

Norfund is also a shareholder in Carthage Limitada.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Muamba is an area in Mozambique with very high levels of unemployment and illiteracy. Carthage Limitada endeavours to uplift the surrounding community through the creation of employment, skills development, as well as community projects. They are busy with the implementation of a water provision project for the surrounding community.

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